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5 Year Strategic Plan


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Strategic Planning Session I

A small (but mighty) group met in the BCS cafeteria for our 1st Strategic Planning Session. Our first task was to clarify the definition of a Strategic Plan and why we need one.

What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a document used to communicate our goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals, and all of the other critical   elements needed to support the plan, such as resources, funding, technology, facilities, and personnel. 

Why a Strategic Plan?

To ensure that we are making decisions that support our VISION and MISSION. “If you don’t know where you’re going, then you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”


Our Vision describes what we want for our students in the future

 “Preparing the students of today for the world of tomorrow!”


Our Mission identifies what we do in the present to realize our vision. BCS staff members participated in an exercise on their first day back to school in August, 2018. This draft Mission Statement includes key terms and ideas that resonated within the group.

“Our mission is to create a school environment in which students are heard, cared for, and valued as individuals, with access to the tools and technologies that will prepare them for success in life. We will strive to develop critical-thinkers and problem-solvers who can advocate for themselves and their communities, and seek out opportunities that help them realize their personal dreams.” [DRAFT]


Discussion #1

Participants of Session I responded to the following questions. These questions will be revisited on May 4th during Session II

Where did we come from?

Where/how have we been successful in the past?

What do we value?

Personalized attention

Students are visible

Small class size

Low student to teacher ratio

Wildcat Pride Hour – students receive individual help and support

High Academic Standards

Students are challenged

Learning looks work world

Cooperative and flexible learning groups

Hands-on, visual learning activities

Students take pride in work

Board Support

            Members are visible

            Members participate in school events

            Members support new ideas

Sports Add Value

Students develop teamwork, commitment, communication skills, mental toughness, accountability, friendships

Opportunities for community members to connect/re-connect with each other


            Active parent volunteers

            Great participation at events

            Facilities available to groups and individuals: Mat Cats, 4H, Historical Days

            Visitors always welcome

Discussion #2

Participants of Session I responded to the following questions. These questions will be revisited on May 4th during Session II

What do we do well?


Where can we improve?


What would we like to see?



            Connect to Vision and Mission

            Spark students’ interest

            New opportunities through Option Enrichment Fridays

            Digital textbooks with downloadable content


Home and School Connections

            Maintain shared values - Respect, responsibility, accountability

            Reinforce positive rules

            “Can do” attitude to achieve 

            Encourage parent involvement



            Protect mural

            “Nice” space for wrestling and other activities