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School Board


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School Board

201 Legal Status of the School Board
201.01   Board Powers and Responsibilities
201.02   Board Membership - Elections/Appointment
201.03   Qualifications
201.04   Oath of Office
201.05   Term of Office
201.06   Vacancies
201.06R1 Procedures for Filling a Board Vacancy
201.07   Board Member Liability (Insurance)


202 School Board Member Conduct
202.01   Board Member Code of Ethics
202.02   Board Member Conflict of Interest
202.02E1 Potential Conflict of Interest Statement
202.02E2 Employment fo Immediate Family Members Disclosure Statement
202.02E3 Contractual Interest Statement
202.03   Board Self-Evaluation
202.03E1 Board Self-Evaluation Instrument


203 Organization of the School Board
203.01 Board Organizational Meeting
203.02   President
203.03   Vice President
203.04   Secretary
203.05   Treasurer
203.06   Board Committees
203.07   Advisory Board Committees
203.08   School Board Legal Counsel


204 School Board Meetings
204.01   Regular Board Meetings
204.02   Special Board Meetings
204.03   Public Hearing
204.04   Work Sessions and Retreats
204.05    Open Meetings
204.06   Closed Sessions
204.07   Meeting Notice
204.08   Quorum
204.09   Rules of Order
204.10   Agenda
204.11  Meeting Minutes
204.12 Public comment at Board Meetings
204.12R1 Procedures for Addressing the Board
204.50 Board Members Dealing with Complaints


205 School Board Policy Process
205.01   Policy Development
205.02   Policy Adoption
205.03   Policy Revision and Review
205.04   Policy Communication
205.05 Policy Suspension
205.06 Administration in the Absence of Policy
205.07 Review of Administrative Regulations


206 Board Member Services
206.01   New Board Member Orientation
206.02   Board Association Membership
206.03   Board Member Development Opportunities
206.04 Board Member Compensation and Expenses