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Section 500 - Students

501 Student Opportunities
501.00 Objectives for Equal Educational Opportunities for Students
501.01 Section 504 and Title II Procedures
501.01R1 Notice of Parent/Student Rights Under Section 504
501.01R2 Notice of Non Discrimination
501.01E1 Section 504 Consent to Evaluate and Form
501.01E2 No Response on Consent to Evaluate and Form
501.01E3 Section 504 Eligibility Determination 
501.01E4 Section 504 Accommodation Plan
501.01E5 Section 504 Accommodation Manifestation Determination


502 Student Admission
502.01 Resident Students
502.02 Nonresident Students
502.03 Entrance - Admission
502.05 Student Transfers In
502.06 Student Transfers Out
502.07 Student Re-entry to School
502.08 Exchange and Foreign Student Admission
502.10 Assignment of New Students to Classes and Grade Levels
502.11 Assignment of Continuing Students to Class


503 Student Attendance
503.01 Compulsory Attendance
503.01R1 Early Entrance to Kindergarten Packet
503.01E1 Written Request for Early Kindergarten Admission
503.01E2 Pre-Kindergarten Screen Summary
503.02 Student Attendance Records
503.03 Student Absences - Excused
503.04 Addressing Barriers to Attendance
503.05 Student Release During School Hours

Pregnant or Parenting Students

503.08 Married Students or Students with Children
503.09 Homeless Children and Youth


504 Student Rights and Responsibilities
504.01 Student Due Process Rights
504.01R1 Student Suspensions, Expulsions, and Grievance Procedures
504.01R2 Establishing a Hearing
504.01E1 Information Which Must be Presented to the Student and Parents
504.01E2 Letter to Parents Recommending Expulsion
504.01E3 Parent Request for Hearing
504.01E4 Hearing Examiners Notice to Parents and Students
504.01E5 Information Sheet for Due Process Hearing
504.01E6 Hearing Examiner's Opening Statement
504.01E7 Hearing Procedure Guide
504.01E8 Hearing Examiner's Letter to the Superintendent
504.01E9 Sample Finding of Facts and Recommendation
504.03 Student Conduct
504.04 Student Conduct on School Bus
504.05 Student Vehicles
504.06 Student Appearance
504.07 Care of School Property and Vandalism
504.08 Freedom of Expression
504.09 Student Lockers
504.11 Weapons
504.12 Regulated Electronic Devices
504.14 Secret Societies or Gang Activity
504.15 Smoking, Drinking, or Drugs
504.16 Searches, Seizures and Arrests
504.17 Questioning of Students by Outside Agencies
504.17E1 Questioning of Students by Outside Agencies
504.18 Harassment by Students
504.19 Student Fees
504.19E1 Student Fee Waiver Application
504.20 Bullying Prevention
504.21 Dating Violence Prevention
504.22 Student Use of Social Networks
504.50 Initiation


505 Student Discipline
505.01 Detention of Students
505.03 Suspension of Students
505.04 Expulsion of Students
505.05 Fines for Lost or Damaged Items
505.06 Corporal Punishment
505.07 Restraint and Seclusion


506 Student Activities
506.01 Student Activity Code of Conduct
506.02 Student Organizations
506.06 Student Publications
506.07 Student Performances
506.08 Student Fund Raising
506.09 Student Activities Funds
506.10 Student Physical Athletics


507 Student Records
507.01 Student Records Access
507.02 Student Directory Information


508 Student Health and Well-Being
508.01 Student Health and Immunization Checkups
508.01E1 School Vision Evaluation Forms
508.01E2 Resource List for Low-Income Families Who May Qualify for Free or Reduced Vision Evaluations
508.01E3 Parent Objection to Physical Examination or Vision Evaluation
508.01E4 Summary of the School Immunization Rules and Regulations 2017-2018
508.02 Administration of Medication to Students
508.03 Communicable or Infectious Diseases
508.03R1 Communicable or Infectious Disease Procedures
508.03R2 Standard Hygiene and Sanitation Procedures
508.03R3 HIV Infection
508.04 Student Illness or Injury at School
508.04R1 General Health Information
508.04E1 Student Health Information Form
508.05 Emergency Plans and Drills
508.06 Student Insurance
508.07 Custody and Parental Rights
508.12 Asthma and Allergic Reaction Protocol
508.12R1       Asthma and Allergic Reaction Protocol
508.12E1 Waiver of Emergency Response to Life-Threatening Asthma or Systemic Allergic Reactions Protocol
508.13 Wellness and Nutrition
508.13R1 Regulation for Wellness and Nutrition
508.15 Concussion Awareness
508.16 Return from Pediatric Cancer


509 Other Student Related Matters
509.01 Class or Student Group Gifts
509.02 Open Night
509.03 Students and Staff Memorials
509.50 Activity Tickets
509.51 Senior Class Educational Trip
509.52 Sports Practice
509.53 Participation of Sixth Graders in Junior High Athletics