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Section 600 - Instruction

601 Goals and Objectives
601.00 Goals and Objectives


602 General Organization
602.01 School Calendar
602.02 School Day


603 Curriculum Development
603.01 Curriculum Development
603.02 Curriculum Adoption
603.03 Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines
603.04 Curriculum Evaluation
603.05 Pilot, Experimental or Innovative Projects
603.05R1 Adding New or Innovative Programs


604 Instructional Curriculum
604.01 Basic Instruction Program
604.04 Multicultural Education
604.09 Teaching about Religion
604.10 Academic Freedom
604.11 Citizenship
604.14 Reading Instruction and Improvement


605 Alternative Programs
605.03 Program for High Ability Learners
605.05 Religious Based Exclusion from a School Program
605.07 Dual Enrollment


606 Instructional Materials
606.01 Instructional Materials Selection
606.01R1 Textbooks and Workbooks
606.02 Instructional Materials Inspection
606.03 Objection to Instructional Materials
606.03R1 Objection to Instructional Materials Procedure
606.03E1 Request for Reconsideration of Materials
606.03E2 Checklist for Material Reconsideration
606.03E3 Report of Meeting
606.05 Media Centers
606.06 Acceptable Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet
606.06R1 Student Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet
606.06R2 Staff use of Computers, Technology and the Internet
606.06R3 Community Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet
606.06R4 Guidelines for Use of Computers and Equipment
606.06E1 Internet and E-mail Access Permission Letter to Parents
606.06E2 Student Acceptable Use Agreement
606.06E3 Internet Appropriate Use Violation Notice
606.06E4 Staff Acceptable Use Agreement
606.06E5 Community Acceptable Use Agreement
606.07 District Web Site
606.07R1 Webpage Guidelines for Staff
606.07R2 Website and Publication Privacy Guidelines
606.07E1 Parent Agreement Form to Publish Student Information
606.08 Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials
606.08R1 Copyright Compliance Procedures


607 Instructional Arrangements
607.02 School Ceremonies and Observances
607.04 Student Production of Materials and Services
607.05 Student Field Trips and Excursions
607.09 Service Animals


610 Testing
610.01 Test or Assessment Selection
610.02 Test or Assessment Administration
610.02R1 Testing Integrity


611 Academic Achievement
611.01 Student Progress Reports
611.02 Student Promotion, Retention or Acceleration
611.03 Student Honors and Awards
611.04 Parent Conferences
611.05 Grading Guidelines
611.07 Graduation Requirements
611.09 Commencement


612 Special Education Services
612.01 Free Appropriate Public Education
612.02 Full Educational Opportunity Goal
612.03 Childfind
612.04 Evaluation Procedures
612.05 Individualized Education Program
612.06 Transition of Children
612.07 Participation in State and District Wide Assessments
612.08 Least Restrictive Environment
612.09 Children in Nonpublic Schools
612.10 Procedural Safeguards
612.11 Transportation
612.12 Personnel Qualifications
612.13 Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information
612.14 Suspension and Expulsion Rates
612.15 Access to Instructional Material
612.16 Over-Identification and Disproportionally
612.17 Prohibition on Mandatory Medication